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Within a world panoramic view of the national and international real estate markets, RealtorLux, a Real Estate Communication Company, was created to deal exclusively with Prestigious properties and Real Estate Agencies.

The Company operates with its Founders,
- Founder and pioneering creative Director, Silvia Bui Rivers, who brings over 20 years experienced leadership and entrepreneurship in IT Marketing and Product Brand Development ,
- David L. Rivers, a 20+ Years Experienced and Respected Professional Athlete, [highly accomplished former NBA and European Champion Professional Basketball Player], Business Executive and Community Service Leader,
With RealtorLux, our objectives are to create important partnerships, businesses, and relationships aimed at acquiring Clients and Investors operating both within consolidated economies and emerging markets.

RealtorLux has created a Unique Specialized Market, gaining international attention by connecting Luxury Brands to specific Luxury Consumers, weaving together multiple industries and sectors.
From this premise, our first steps have been to develop an operating model that leads us to successfully manage real estate, marketing and communications operations, whilst targeting specific Standards of Excellence in Service.
Our Real Estate portals, www.immobiliarelux.it and www.realtorlux.com allow us to showcase real estate deals nationally and internationally, as well as provide services to real estate agencies and other partners that compel them to join our network service.

For Agencies, our innovative software design, RealtorLux provide full admin and back office management for posting properties online (One of our services is “Open House Booking Online”).
Through selected choice venues and vehicles for connected exposure, RealtorLux will be featured in significant premium locations from First Class Travel to Luxury Hotel Resorts & Spas, and Luxury Retailers in the US and international markets!

The careful and accurate selection of properties carried out by our professionals, ensures the best placement of assets within the target. For this reason, our Company invests in integrated marketing campaigns and communications strategies, in order to optimize the demand and offer mechanisms of the referenced markets.

RealtorLux’s symbolism and pioneering trademark work are guided by unmistakable and objective principles. Our Intercontinental Luxury Partners and Luxury Consumers are ensured absolute tranquility and certainty, that our Standards of Excellence in Professionalism and Efficiency are at the core of the company's commitment to its clients and partners, backed by the winning mentality and driven success of RealtorLux’s management and staff.