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RealtorLux is proposed as the website portal of excellence for luxury homes.

The properties published on our portal have a common rule, the accuracy in the presentation, the research of the property to be displayed is made simple but very detailed in all aspects. You can search for a property even by a characteristic that the user considers it essential, for example the view, or the life style, etc ......



Detailed Search

  you can finally search for the property of your interest depending on the characteristics chosen. The choice of the property that meets your characteristics is an important choice, which is why we decided to include analytical details of all properties, so that our users have the ability to display only the properties that we reflect 100% the characteristics sought. You can enter search criteria such as:      Number of bedrooms,
     number of bathrooms,
     height ceilings,
     Property view
     lifestyle etc .....



RealtorLux of all property lists are clear, and the main details of the property are in view, the images of buildings are large, well groomed and well visible.



Compare Properties


it is possible to compare the buildings chosen to be able to evaluate all the features and understand in this way, as compared to those, mostly reflects your needs.




Map Locator


With the Map Locator you can view properties on the map. This way you can see through the exact location of the property if there are any in your area desiserata. This search allows you to see all properties in the area regardless of borders that can hide ads of interest.